Electrolysis Clinic

Electrolysis Clinic

Organic & BeautifulElectrolysis is an old favourite for hair removal and is an incredibly popular procedure. When carried out correctly, electrical epilation permanently removes unwanted hair. Hoorah!

Free consultation for permanent but progressive hair removal, using disposable needles:
15 Minutes £20.00
30 Minutes £30.00

Save 10% when you book a course of treatments:
6 x 15 Minutes £108.00
6 x 30 Minutes £162.00

Advanced Electrolysis

Used in its’ advanced form and in careful and qualified hands, it can help treat a variety of conditions such as skin tags, thread veins, birth marks and Campbell de Morgan spots. At Body & Soul’s Advanced Electrolysis Clinic, we excel in delivering exceptional results. Due to the nature of the treatment, it’s difficult to say how many sessions you’ll need without a consultation, but here are some of the questions we’re frequently asked:

What is Diathermie?

Short-wave diathermie is the traditional current used for both telangiectasia and all other skin blemishes. It uses high frequency, alternating oscillating current at low voltage, which produces heat within the tissues and coagulates the blood flow in a small segment of the vessel. Direct current, when introduced to the body, causes a chemical reaction that produces the caustic chemical sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide fractionally dissolves the skin when entering the body, resulting in minimal piercing and less scar tissue. The moist reaction, rather than dry heat, dissolves enough coagulated matter around the needle to allow easy removal from the clot and skin, giving effective treatment with less bleeding. We use diathermie to remove broken capillaries (most commonly found on the cheeks, around the nose or on the legs), milia (fatty deposit that look like white spots on the face) and skin tags (often found on friction sites such as collar lines, waistbands, underarms and bra areas).

How can broken capillaries, milia or skin tags be removed?
A fine needle is placed on the surface of the skin, and a small amount of heat is used. This results in the problem area drying up and fading.

Can anyone have the diathermie treatment?
Almost anyone can be treated, although certain skin conditions will be excluded. If you’re unsure give us a call and we’ll advise you.

How many treatments will I need?
That’ll be determined between you and your therapist.

How much improvement will I see?
Results are excellent!

Will the treatment be painful?
The facial treatments can be uncomfortable and the skin will feel warm for up to an hour after the treatment, but most people find it tolerable.

What about aftercare?
The bruise- like reaction, which starts to develop immediately following treatment, will become more intense over 48 hours and will lighten over 1-2 weeks. You may experience some light crusting or scabbing and the skin surface may break. In this case we’d recommend using a mild antiseptic cream 2-3 times daily to minimise the risk of infection while the area heals. You should bath and shower as normal but avoid rubbing the treated area – just pat dry with a towel. Take special care while shaving which should ideally be avoided until you’ve healed. Keep your skin nourished with a light moisturiser until fully healed.

Advanced Electrolysis Treatments

First Treatment (30 mins) £75.00
Treatments thereafter (30 mins) £35.00