Body & Soul

Body & Soul

Body and Soul – Reiki

Organic & GorgeousReiki is a powerful means of healing, and works by increasing the vibrational level of the body which aids the body’s internal healing abilities. It’s deeply relaxing and releases tensions – most people experience a release of pains and worries and enjoy a feeling of increased energy and relaxation. During a healing session you’ll remain fully clothed and will lie on the treatment couch while your practitioner gently places their hands on your body in a sequence of positions. While Reiki can be very effective at treating a wide range of acute and chronic conditions in specific areas of the body, your practitioner will treat your whole body. The treatment works on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels to restore balance and harmony.

Reiki (60 mins) £45.00

Body and Soul – Eye Treatments

Eyelash Tint (20 mins) £16.00
Eyebrow Tint (10 mins) £10.50
Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint (25 mins) £21.50
Eyebrow Tidy (10 mins) £10.50
Eyebrow Reshape (15 mins) £15.00

Body and Soul – Face

Relax into Radiance Ultimate Facial (60mins) £65.00

The world renowned Daniel Field Laboratory specifically helped me create this, my latest ‘Relax into Radiance Ultimate Facial’.

Designed to regulate, heal, restore and re-balance. This relaxing and deep cleansing treatment, revitalises your skin leaving it feeling smoother and firmer, actively strengthening facial muscles to achieve tone and form, and leave your face glowing and rejuvenated.

This amazing treatment is like an Acupuncture face lift using a special combination of Indian (Ayurvedic) and Japanese (Anma) massage techniques. The intent of this natural uplifting facial is to prevent and reduce tension, facial wrinkles and age spots. To improve the complexion by stimulating the circulation and releasing toxins from the facial area whilst eliminating congestion thus enabling the skin to regularise itself ongoing. The goal is to restores natural youthful luminosity to the skin, slow down the mind and bring harmony to the body and soul.