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Organic & GorgeousWe love to make you feel beautiful at Body & Soul. We’ve devised a selection of gorgeous treatments using tried and tested techniques with the most beautiful hand-picked products. Not sure what’s best for you? Put yourself in our hands and we’ll take care of the rest…

Hand / Feet Treatments

French Manicure (45 mins) £28.50
Manicure treatment using natural / champagne nail enamel with white tips

Manicure (30 mins) £24.50
Cuticle treatment with hand massage plus varnish to complete using Spiezia moisturising hand balms

Pedicure – Soul Sensation £30.50
Nail Trim, cuticle treatment with foot massage/ foot spa exfoliation, varnish to complete. Refresh those tired, aching feet (and soles) with a rosebud foot soak and exfoliation, completed with a soothing leg and foot massage with cooling peppermint, healing rosemary and Spiezia 100% organic oils.

Shape & Polish (15 mins) from £15.00

Add a gorgeously relaxing pure wax treatment to any manicure or pedicure to soften, soothe, relax and heal hands and feet. Wonderfully comforting for aches and pains in joints, legs and hands and great for arthritis, rheumatism and chilblains. £15.00 for 15 minutes.

Half Leg £19.00
Half Leg & Bikini £28.00
Three Quarter Leg £25.00
Full Leg £29.50
Full Leg & Bikini £34.00
Thighs £22.00
Thighs & Bikini £28.00
Bikini £14.00
Bikini & Underarm £24.00
Underarm £12.50
Arm Wax £20.00
Top Lip £10.50
Chin & Lip £15.00
Eyebrows £11.50
Back £25.00

Eye Treatments
Eyelash Tint (20 mins) £16.00
Eyebrow Tint (10 mins) £10.50
Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint (25 mins) £21.50
Eyebrow Tidy (10 mins) £10.50
Eyebrow Reshape (15 mins) £15.00
Eyelash Individual Extension from £20.00

Full Body Massage 60mins £52.00
Relax, enjoy a full body massage to relieve stress, tension, tone muscles, promotes a feeling of well being, Swedish massage technique.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 30mins £35.00
Therapeutic relaxing massage to relive stress, tension, improve circulation. Swedish massage technique.

Remedial Back and Neck Massage 30mins £35.00

Professional Make Up

Day Make Up (30 mins) £32.50
Light day make up suitable to hair/skin tone

Special Occasion (60 mins) £45.00
To co-ordinate with that special outfit, including cleanse, tone, moisturise

Pre-Wedding Make Up (60 mins) £93.50
Consultation to discuss colour scheme, schedule, advise on skincare and beauty countdown to your Big Day.
Second Bridal Session (30 mins)
Wedding Day. From Pre-Wedding Chart at Salon.
Home Visits available from £30 (depending on mileage)

Body and Soul’s Dr Hauschka Facial (60mins) £65.00

The world renowned Dr Hauschka products used in Body and Soul’s premier (60mins) Facial; to regulate, heal and restore balance, a relaxing and deep cleansing treatment, revitalises your skin leaving it feeling smoother and firmer, actively strenghtens facial muscles to achieve tone and form.

Spiezia Facials

Spiezia Relax & Rejuvenate Uplifting Facial (75 mins) £70.00
Leaving your face toned and skin glowing and rejuvenated
This amazing treatment is like an Acupuncture face lift using a special combination of Indian (Ayurvedic) and Japanese (Anma) massage techniques. The intent of this natural uplifting facial is to prevent and reduce tension, facial wrinkles and age spots, improve the complexion by stimulating the circulation and release toxins from the facial area.

Spiezia Radiance Facial (60 mins) £50.00
Designed to refresh your skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant
A facial treatment designed to eliminate congestion returning normal moisture to the skin. This treatment restores natural luminosity to the skin.

Spiezia Head in Heaven (Well Being Treatment) (90 mins) £75.00
Slows down the mind – bringing harmony and leaving a feeling of complete bliss.
Drift away into a hypnotic state of relaxation with this combination of deep breathing exercises and slow Tui Na Chinese massage techniques to rebalance and calm the upper body. The treatment includes facial pressure point massage to ease tension and clear the mind. The slow rhythmic massage techniques used on the shoulders, back and head provide complete tranquillity and relaxation, promoting a sense of well-being.

Spiezia for the Body
Our body treatments take care of the mind and emotions as well as your body using Spiezia’s 100% organic oils, balms and ointments to help alleviate muscle aches and pains while improving skin tone and texture.

Spiezia Body & Soul Holistic (60 mins) £55.00
The aromatherapy massage works on rebalancing the mind through the sense of smell whilst lymphatic drainage movements gently ease away the stresses of the body to create a deeper sense of relaxation.

Spiezia Back to Life (45 mins) £45.00
A treat for the back, neck and shoulders. Starting with a back cleanse and exfoliation followed by a melting muscle massage designed to release aches and reduce tension in those most affected areas.

Spiezia Rose Indulgence Wrap (60 mins) £60.00
This luxurious wrap tones and softens the body with gentle skin brushing, massaging in a body moisture spray and rich body oils to hydrate and nourish the skin. The treatment is completed with a soothing foot rub, facial cleanse and calming head massage.

Spiezia Relax into radiance (90 mins) £75.00
Surrender into a feeling of pure indulgence for body and mind
Feel invigorated yet relaxed with this all encompassing treatment. Smooth and soothing strokes are carried out to detox and prepare the body for an enlivening head to toe exfoliation. Tensions melt away from over-worked muscles and joints, leaving the body feeling relaxed and polished with pristine skin. The treatment concludes with a mini-facial to cleanse and hydrate, while a head massage clears and calms the mind.


Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument
This ‘non surgical facelift’ is the future of beauty. It’s the most technologically advanced beauty treatment available, and we’re proud to offer it at Body & Soul! The CACI procedure gently helps to tighten and tone sagging muscles of the neck, face and body with dramatic lifting results achievable from the very first treatment. The procedure itself is pleasant, relaxing, corrective and effective for men and women of all ages and skin types and is also excellent as a preventative to ageing. During the treatment, tiny electrical impulses are transmitted through unique cotton tipped probes. These low frequency impulses communicate with the muscle fibres using a unique electro magnetic language that effectively re-charges the electrical energy potential of the muscle. 100% organic skin products are used during the session to improve and enhance the skin. This treatment is great as a one-off for a special event, but for best results you’ll find that a course of treatments is best. Over several sessions we’ll re-educate the muscle tone, redefine lines and soften wrinkles using a 3 stage course of treatments which gradually re-trains your muscles. We recommend maintenance sessions every 4-6 weeks afterwards, essential for maintaining the excellent results.
Individual Treatment (45 mins) £50.00
Course of 12 Treatments (45 mins per treatment) £540.00
Maintenance (45 mins) £50.00


Reiki is a powerful means of healing, and works by increasing the vibrational level of the body which aids the body’s internal healing abilities. It’s deeply relaxing and releases tensions – most people experience a release of pains and worries and enjoy a feeling of increased energy and relaxation. During a healing session you’ll remain fully clothed and will lie on the treatment couch while your practitioner gently places their hands on your body in a sequence of positions. While Reiki can be very effective at treating a wide range of acute and chronic conditions in specific areas of the body, your practitioner will treat your whole body. The treatment works on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels to restore balance and harmony.
(60 mins) £45